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Using a table of the principal forms of certain letters, numerically identified, analysts describe the hand or hands that penned the manuscript and store that information in an individual “Mano” record for that hand, linked to the record of the manuscript. They also note the folios in that hand, its use of b/v/u and other relevant characteristics of the hand, and alterations by other hands. If the manuscript contains a cast list, they record the data in a “Representación” record, which is then supplemented with information from the Diccionario biográfico de actores del teatro clásico español. DICAT. Information on licenses and censorship is recorded. Digital images of significant folios are linked to the “Manuscrito” record, and / or a link is provided to a digitalized library version. Major and minor dramatists each have a numbered record in the “Dramaturgo” file, with succinct biographical information; identified copyists also have a numbered record in the “Copista” file. There is also a “Documento” file for archival documents, to be similarly processed in the future, and a “Bibliografía” file of referenced books and articles.

An agreement between the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Duke University, Antonio Quiroga, Profesor of Physics in the Departamento de Óptica, and Pablo Lanillos are presently working on programming a computer-assisted procedure for our hand analysis.

An illustrated Manual de Uso can be read or downloaded at:

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Supporting entities

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