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Manos Teatrales is a collaborative project, directed by Margaret R. Greer (Duke University), dedicated to the analysis of the treasure-trove of surviving manuscripts of Spanish Classical theater. Its heart is a database that provides information on the identity of the copyists--playwrights, actors, professional copyists, or other theater-company personnel--of manuscripts from the late 16th through the early 18th century preserved in collections throughout Europe and the United States. It is based on a system for describing individual handwriting styles that can be stored in the searchable database, where it is linked with other information about each manuscript's author or authors, its copyists, and its performance history, together with digital images of the manuscripts.

The database can help researchers in various ways:

  • Locating extant manuscripts by many authors, in many collections;
  • Recognizing the handwriting of a large number of dramatists and copyists;
  • Evaluating whether or not a particular manuscript is authorial; whether the copyist or copyists have been identified; whether they copied other manuscripts as well; and the relationship of each manuscript to the playwright who wrote it and to theater companies that owned it
  • Finding yet unpublished performance records;
  • Locating information that may help identify the author and date of the manuscript in question, and the company for which it was written;
  • Finding information on censorship of manuscripts;
  • Identifying when and where a play has been performed from any given manuscript;
  • Identifying orthographic practices of a dramatist or copyist;
  • Finding how the text has been altered for performance or by censors;
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